About our Small Gym
Jumpin Gymnastics (JG's) will
start our 17th season in
Harrisonville MO.  We have over
43 years of coaching
experience.  We are
Professional members of USA
Gymnastics, Safety Certified,
and we staff 2 USAG
Trampoline and Tumbling
Certified Judges. We staff 3,
safety certified gymnastics
coaches, 3 safety certified,
professional members of USA
Gymnastics, whom are also
certified Trampoline &
Tumbling Judges, & 2 other
trampoline & tumbling
assisting coaches.  Although
We started out with Artistic
Gymnastics, in the last 8yrs we
have been competing only on
Trampoline and Tumbling. We
are a small gym home to about
100 Students, ages 3 and up.  
We pride ourselves on being
very close to our students, and
knowing what they are capable
of.  We encourage a personable
atmosphere where students
and parents feel at home,
students learn quick, and
parents get what they pay for.  
Our teacher student ratio for
90% of classes are 6 to 1, some
as low as 3 to 1, and never
more then 8 to 1.  Jumpin
Gymnastics would like to
extend a hearty welcome to
you and your family. We
appreciate the opportunity to
help build your child's
confidence in sport and